Marriage Advice: Know The Top 5 Reasons For Divorce

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Divorce happens to a lot of married couple every day. Although it is an unfortunate event for the couple, they do not know that this painful process bring negative effects to their children more than it brings harm to themselves. As a married couple, we should always prioritize what our children would feel and what effects would our actions bring to them in the long run. 

Yes, maybe, it is true that divorce is something that's inevitable to some couples but it is always doable to avoid such things. For example, knowing the top reasons as to why people opt for divorce is a great start to avoid having one. Here is a list of the top 5 reasons why people decide to part ways. Read on and save your marriage today. 


This is one of the reasons why even marriage counselors and other marriage experts advice couples to get a divorce. Whether it is physical or verbal abuse, the party who is abusing the other has personal issues that need to be worked out for themselves before settling with another person and sometimes, the best advice experts can give to resolve such issue is through a divorce so no further damage can be done to both parties. 

A party or both parties are not anymore in love

Loving a person is different with being in love with the person. You love a person when you care for them unconditionally and when their sake is more important than yours. However, being in love encompasses all other factors such as physical attractiveness. Sometimes, because we care a lot for the kids and we work so hard to have enough money to sustain our lifestyle, we tend to forget to take care of ourselves and in the process, we may lose the physical attractiveness our partner once had toward us. This may be a superficial reason but it happens in real life. 


When the wife earns more than the husband bruises the latters ego; when one feels that he/she is the only one carrying all the expenses at home. Although this reason might let one feel that he/she isn't good enough, this may easily be resolved through counselling and the marriage can be saved if both parties are willing to work it out.


This is the most common reason why people go to divorce. Getting a divorce because the other party is being unfaithful, although not okay, is very much understandable. You have been hurt tremendously and you can't really be with a person who's having a relationship with another person. However possible that people can go through counselling to resolve this issue, many people opt not to go that extra mile. 

Communication breakdown

Sometimes, when the frustration creeps in with both parties about problems not being resolved and wrongdoings are just repeated over and over again, it is much easier to keep silent and resent the other person. When you feel too tired to talk to the other person to solve the problems you are encountering, sometimes there's no better way but to get a divorce. Another main reason why people get divorce is when they stop talking and settle their differences. 


To Save Your Marriage Today

Knowing these reasons can help you avoid doing such so as to save your marriage. The best relationship advice you can get from this is to listen to one another and put the other's needs and feelings first before your own. 

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